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foto’s: Roger Dohmen en Martin Dijkstra

Hans en Tijs van Marle are the inventors of the Dutch “vouwsouvenir”, the folding souvenir. A firm paper object that folds out in several parts and represents a city of a country.

Designer Hans van Marle is an artist and a toy designer in Amsterdam and runs a small jig saw shop. His son Tijs van Marle is a screenwriter and a cultural entrepeneur. 

The original “vouwsouvenirs” of the Amsterdam canal houses was the first of many different designs. A hobby project that grew bigger than we could ever imagine. Now artfoldz has many different product. Flower designs, many museum specials and even an Iamsterdam fold.

Artfoldz are for sale at a lot of musea in Amsterdam and around, including the Hermitage, the Rembrandthuis and the Amsterdam Museum.

For orders or B2B possibilities: Tijs van Marle 0031-619224151 mail: tijs@vouwsouvenirs.nl

Webshop: www.mijnwebwinkel.nl/winkel/vouwsouvenirs